Line Boring

Portable Line Boring

Line boring is a welding/machining process to repair bores that have been worn out, over sized, and irregular shaped.  We are able to build up the inside diameter of the bore with a robotic welding system and machine to the proper size.  Once finished, the bore will have a slip fit or press fit to accept new bushing or pins.  The process can be done vertical or horizontal in your shop, on job site, or at our shop.

Central Florida Line Boring Services

Our Mobile Onsite Portable Line Boring Team serves up to 100 mi. from Orlando FL

    • Fully portable
    • Bore Welding & Bore Repair
    • Heavy Equipment Repair
    • Bucket Pins Repair
    • Loader Arm Repair
    • Industrial Equipment Repair
    • Marine Line Boring for Marine Applications
    • Mining Equipment Repair
    • Excavator Boom Repair
    • Center Pin Repair
    • Holes from 1.375″ to 8″ in diameter

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